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long hua quan

Long Hua Quan - Dragon Fist

Dragon Fist
Long Hua Quan
The Chinese dragon is a huge part of folklore. The symbol of a dragon has been used not only in martial arts but in Chinese medicine, legends, stories, wedding imagery, good luck charms, zodiac interpretations, feng shui, and is often used in philosophy and metaphor in classic texts like the Yi Jing, the Book of Changes. The dragon symbolizes royalty, auspicious powers, and moral righteousness. Bringing these attributes and imagery into the Dragon Fist style, one has a complete style that delivers strong, direct, and smooth techniques.
The Dragon Fist form is an advanced animal style that emulates the twisting body and vicious strikes of the Chinese dragon. This forms employs locking and grappling techniques that strike the weak points of the body with a conditioned 'dragon claw' hand strike that is paramount to dragon training.
The form moves in circular patterns, generating power through the twisting of the upper body and deep leg stances. Just as the dragon twists and flies in and out of the water, the movements strike from high to low postures in smooth maneuvers and transitions. Dragon fist uses the claw strikes to grab onto weak points, like the ribs, and to drag, rip, and grab the opponents limbs into devastating grappling techniques. 
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