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fu h quan
Taming the Tiger Fist is a set that embodies the quickness and ferocity of a tiger stalking its prey. The movements combine evading and advancing techniques to generate power in quick, smooth progressions.

Fu Hu Quan - Taming the Tiger Fist

Movements are low and controlled in this style, generating momentum as each strike advances. Tiger is a great fist set that begins to explore a little deeper into more complex grabs, strikes, sweeps, and transitions than the basic fist sets do. Adding a unique style to basic patterns, Tiger is a form that builds the martial artist into a more varied practitioner, learning new coordination that allows one to strengthen, stretch, and speed up the body. 
Taming the Tiger also starts to open up the student to the concept of Fa Jin (發勁). This is a technique that uses the opened channels and flexibility of the body to generate coordinated explosive power during a strike. We combine softness of body, through flexibility and range of motion, with hardness of body, through muscle strength and accurate coordination, to generate maximal force in quick bursts with little energy wasted. These striking techniques are typically targeted towards weak areas on the body. Strikes are low and transition smoothly from blocks into strikes. This helps to carry power into each movement and protect the martial artist as one can continue using the momentum into each consecutive movement. 
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