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Ji Ben Quan - Basic Fist (Sets)

The first forms traditionally learned in the Wudang style are the basic fist forms which are designed to introduce the student to the beginning stages of martial arts. It is with these forms, the practice begins to improve the strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina, power, and the endurance of the student. 
The forms jiben quan and xuan gong quan 1-3, are beginning styles that place great emphasis on building a beginning student into a adept martial artist. Traditionally, these forms make up basic movements and patterns that were once combined together in order to make a single practice. This form allows a martial artist to maintain a variety of movement and power by practicing this routine alone. Although, the basic stances, kicks, strikes, grabs, throws, jumps, and transitions all have meaning and application on their own as well and should also be practiced.
Jiben Quan, or Basic Fist, is the first form learned traditionally. Although many students will opt for a specific style that they enjoy or feel an affinity towards, the Basic Fist set is integral to the advanced martial artist. 
Xuan Gong Quan (3 forms: Part 1-3) is the next in the line of basic introductory styles. While the Basic Fist form is more to teach the basic stances, basic kicks and direct transitions, the Xuan Gong Quan sets are directed towards various striking, kicking, and more advanced transitions and grappling techniques. Xuan Gong Quan starts to walk the martial artist through the different applications that each stance and strike can perform while simultaneously stretching and strengthening the body.
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