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The spear form learned in Wudang is a long reaching weapon with powerful, direct thrusts and quick body changes famous throughout Chinese spear styles.
The traditional spear in China is often accentuated with colorful hair, most typically red dyed. Preemptive to each thrust is a movement special to spear forms in China where the spear shaft is twisted down to the waist and abruptly stopped. This causes the end of the spear to shake and rotate. This movement disorients the opponent as the motion of the hair hides the spear point. Also during the thrusting and stabbing motions the hair moves wildly around creating a distraction from the true weapon.
While spear is a long range weapon, Wudang style brings balance by using short body transitions and low postures that allow a practitioner to adjust based on the environment. Techniques that move quickly and close to the body allow one to quickly turn and transition from technique to technique. 
This weapon trains speed, stamina, balance during transitions, and constantly trains the accuracy of the spear towards vital areas of the enemy. One practice is to find a small hoop to place at a distance away and slightly above head level. The thrust should move smoothly from the waist to full extension causing the spear point to glide through the middle of the hoop without touching the hoop itself. This basic practice can be repeated many times and one can use a smaller hoop placed at greater distance (use a deeper stance to reach farther) to continue to train in more advanced levels.
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