Train In Wudang

The school is currently in two locations, the original location by YuXu Temple and a more modern facility down the road next to TaiJi River. Students will be assigned to either one or the other upon their arrival with all of the winter time students being directed to the old school and summer students mostly being directed to the new school. Throughout the year there will be a combination of assignment to both the old and the new school. For specific events like Master Yuan's meditation and TaiJi 13 class, the location will be at the new school. Otherwise, assignment will be determined on student preference and availability. The only difference in tuition and registration is that the old school location does not have any Simple Rooms available.
The school has shared and private rooms. Both types have the option to upgrade to include an air conditioner (which heats and cools) as well has a bathroom (with western toilet). Most rooms come with a bed (two in double rooms), a wardrobe, desk, chair, and night stand. Also available is the common room where you can use the free Wi-Fi, drink tea with other students, browse the library, or even catch a movie on the rest day. 
Simple rooms do not have a private bathroom or an air conditioning unit. There are shared bathrooms with a shower and Chinese toilet for these rooms. 
Private Room
Double Room AC
Private Bathroom
Double Room
Single Room
Private Bath
Master Yuan's Study
Master Yuan's Study
Meditation Hall
School Grounds
To reserve a room, you should register by clicking here or send an email to to communicate your travel plans. Room reservation are done on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to notify the school as soon as possible to reserve your space. Typically one month in advance is adequate for registration, although during the summer months, two months is advance is preferred. This is because the summer season is more busy that the other times of the year.
Training Grounds
Training year round at the school is conducted outside. Except for the daily Meditation course all classes will be outside, weather permitting. This includes the early morning Qigong. Training mostly takes place on the school grounds themselves while students at the old school location will also have the morning class at YuXu Temple, next door to the school. We have inside facilities for training during rain and cold weather as well as a Meditation Hall and common rooms for students to relax at in between classes.
Nutrition and Meals​
Tuition at the school includes accommodation as well as all meals served at the school. Every day the school serves a nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only exception being on Thursday morning when the kitchen takes a break and there is no breakfast served. It is important part of training to have a variety of fresh food so all of the food that the school served is locally grown and purchased in Wudang. For this reason, we change our dishes with the season change as different foods are harvested throughout the year. 
Our meals are vegetarian and vegan friendly. There are normally four or five dishes served alongside soup and rice for lunch and dinner. One dish will be meat, most often a pork or fish dish, and one dish will be egg combined with a vegetable like tomatoes or chives. The other two or three dishes will be vegetable only. Throughout the week, we offer a variety of different vegetable dishes for each meal. Some examples are lotus root, cabbage, tofu, celery, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli. Breakfast alternates between soup, noodles, and bread each day. There are normally a few vegetable dishes as sides or the broth of the soup will be a vegetable and egg combination for the noodles. 
Dishes are served to students one by one and they are able to choose dishes that they want. The dishes are separate and it is not compulsory to get every dish. The school has many vegetarians and vegans training at the school throughout the year and the variety of foods is more than enough to offer a wide variety of nutritious and delicious food.