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Other Training

Other Training
While the Wudang styles and basics make up the majority of what we teach here at WDTKA, we also extend this into a few other practices as well. We teach meditation, a fan form, animal styles, fighting (sanda) basics, flexibility partner drills, as well as some specialized qigong sets.
Kungfu Fan
As the seasons change throughout the year, we adjust the training programs of the students attending at that time. For summer there is an emphasis on flexibility because of the hot nature of this season, just as we practice more strength and balance exercises in the winter because of the contracting nature of the season. Meditation classes are set up periodically throughout the year as are special lectures and talks to explain the intricacies of such practices. 
The academy also hosts calligraphy and music classes for traditional students and long term students. These classes are best as an extra curricular to your current practice at WDTKA. Especially if the student is staying for a time under six months, it is more beneficial for them to focus of the training and basics. 
WDTKA aspires to sharing these ancient treasures with all who make the journey to Wudang. For too long the doors to these inner circles of cultivation have been closed to outsiders. The world has been undergoing a golden age of community and it is the hope of WDTKA that we can promote this while promoting and sharing the life changing benefits of Wudang Martial Arts, Daoist Belief, and Chinese Culture.
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