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Wudang Community


Master Yuan started formally accepting disciples on March 9th, 2012. Students who have committed themselves to cultivating the Dao, practicing wushu, and honoring the lineage of San Feng Pai, have taken part in the ceremony to pledge themselves to Master Yuan. Through the ceremony, disciples vow to keep the tradition alive by continuing their own self practice and, for a select few, beginning their own journey of teaching others the martial arts, philosophy, beliefs, history, and practice of Wushu as well as Daoism.
Below, you can find links to the disciples who, in their respective countries, are currently teaching the Wudang system that they learned under the tutelage of Master Yuan Xiu Gang. 

Jeff Reid

Wudang Daoism

traditional practices for modern living
Daoist Name: 芮懋资和

Alex Mieza

Wudang ZiXiao

Taoist Internal Healing Arts
Daoist Name: 资晓

Wudang Spain

Brien Kelly

Daoist Name: 懋资真

Wudang Ireland

Jake Pinnick

American Wudang

finding balance, one breath at a time..
Daoist Name: 平懋资根


WDTKA has also had the honor of teaching many exceptional students who have been certified to teach specific aspects of Wudang Martial Arts. Over the years, those students have returned to hone their skills and bring these training methods to their respective countries. 

Pablo Salas

Wudang Tao

Wudang Catalunya

Taoist martial arts from the Wudang Mountains
Chinese Name: 海诚德
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TaiChi Lake
Shan Shui Jie
Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province
Shiyan City, China 442714
School : (0086)13597886695
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