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Xuan Wu Quan - Xuan Wu Fist

xuan wu quan
Xuan Wu Quan
Xuan Wu
If one follows the traditional path of learning forms at the Academy, Xuan Wu Fist is one of the final styles to be learned. It is an advanced arrangement of techniques from many sets including, bagua zhang, dragon, xing yi, tiger, and the basic forms.
Xuan Wu Fist brings forth the soft body styles and coordination learned from TaiJi and combines them with the direct striking and deflecting movements of styles like bagua and dragon, famous for their explosive and smooth power. Use of momentum becomes integral in this form as one uses each movement to align the body for the next technique. The slow to fast transitions help the martial artist express clarity in intention and skill in artistry.
The movements become unique to each practitioner. The form itself is moving art. One who has built a strong foundation of basic training will be able to use those basics as a brush and create a special set of their individual talents, expressing their specific style and proficiency. 
Xuan Wu Fist is a great form to learn in order to maintain basics in various forms offered at WDTKA. Explosive power striking from Bagua Zhang, Xing Yi, and Ba Ji are all prevalent in this set as is the long body conditioning found in all of the basic forms. Xuan Wu Fist is a form to 'play' and discover your unique talents and push past your own limits through practice and cultivation.
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