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Liu Wen

Health Class Coach 
Special Styles: TaiJi & Eight Immortals Sword
Liu Wen is one of the head instructors currently teaching Health class students, both Chinese and international, at WDTKA. He has been studying and practicing martial arts since he was sixteen years old and first arrived in Wudang twelve years ago.

Zhang Wen Gao

Health Class Coach 
Special Styles: Straight Sword & Tiger Fist
Zhang Wen Gao has been a student of Master Yuan since his first arrival to Wudang in 2003. At just eleven years old, he began the rigorous training, excelling in the system and challenging himself to continue and keep improving. 

Huang Jian Jie

Health Class Coach 
Special Styles: TaiYi Quan & Eight Immortals Staff
From a very young age, Huang Jian Jie dreamed of becoming a martial arts master. He attended school but always imagined his life as a student of the martial arts he saw in movies.
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