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xuan gong dao
Zhang Wen Gao
Broadsword is a very popular wushu weapon. There are forms that use this weapon all across China. The broadsword is a very common soldiers weapon and therefor very commonly used in martial arts forms as well. The broadsword is characterized by a long flared blade with one dull side used for blocking and parrying. The movements in this form are mostly slashing, cutting, and swinging as opposed to the straight sword which includes more thrusting techniques. 
The broadsword is used for large body movements and close blocks that typically circle the body. These movements protect the body while simultaneously moving the sword into a point of attack. Parrying will block strikes towards ones back while turning in order to counterattack.
The movements in broadsword are used to open the shoulders and transition the momentum into the sword. With this coordination, one can use the full force of the rotation in each move to create devastating attacks. 
The broadsword is a simple, direct weapon that is very commonly used as an introductory weapon in martial arts. In its mastery, broadsword style represents a tiger running down a mountain. Full of power and momentum, yet still in control and stable as the hunt continues. Steady strong legs with fast jumping an changes in direction are key attributes to practicing the broadsword form.
Training broadsword gets the body into a clear example of transferring power through the body. This can only be done with correct posture and transitions during the movements. To check if the posture and coordination is correct we use dull and slightly flexible swords. When a movement, particularly a thrusting or stopping technique, is done, the sword 'snaps' and make a sound as the metal shakes. This explosive power is a clear indicator if the posture is all in correct alignment and the power of the martial artist is efficiently placed. 
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