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Ba Ji Quan - Eight Extremities Fist

ba ji quan
Ba Ji
Ba Ji Fist is a devastating style that is characterized by using the '8 extremities', fists, elbows, knees, and shoulders, paired with explosive 'fajin' techniques towards vulnerable areas on the opponents body. The style is so well known for this attribute that it is sometimes referred to as the 'bodyguards style' .
Ba Ji Fist is based on quick, close quarters, explosive, powerful attacks and advances. With a charging step, zhen jiao, baji closes the distances from the opponent and unleashes a quick succession of strikes to vulnerable areas on the body. Strikes often are placed in weak, unprotected parts of the body like the throat, chest, and inner thighs. 
One famous Baji practitioner is quoted as saying, "I know not what it is like to strike a man twice." This statement exemplifies the essence of bajiquan. Each strike is brutal and, coupled with explosive fajing power, has the potential to incapacitate the enemy. 
The style of bajiquan here in Wudang emphasizes lower stances that strengthen the support of each movement and strike. We 'grow roots' into each step and with proper coordination and skeletal alignment we can use bursts of accuracy, speed, and power to deliver powerful attacks, quickly evade, and efficiently conserve energy.
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