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Zhan Zhuang

The last internal cultivation set is quite likely the very first daoyin practice every martial artist should be familiar with. Zhan Zhuang, "standing like a tree" or simply standing meditation, exemplifies the basic standing posture from the Bubbling Well (Yong Quan) in the feet, to the Hundred Convergences (Bai Hui) on the crown of the head. This is the first step in each TaiJi practice as we open our stance into the first movement. However, this practice on its own is a posture correcting tool as well as a internal cultivation method. Standing like a tree eventually brings to light problem areas in our posture and by finding the most efficient way to relax and balance those areas, we build better habits while untying bad ones. A Zhan Zhuang practice may look simple on the surface, as it should be, but the complexities are in the committed practice and evolution of the experience.
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TaiChi Lake
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  • Wudang Wushu