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5 Animal Frolics

Wu Qin Xi, or the Five Animal Frolics, is a long documented ancient form of qigong in Chinese martial arts systems. The Five animals included in this set are different than the ones in the Five Animals Qigong. In the Wu Qin Xi, the Deer, the Tiger, the Bear, the Monkey, and the Crane are the five to be included. The names of these come from the animistic qualities that they each represent. Another key difference between these two qigong sets, is that the Five Animal Frolics are postures that are done while advancing in steps. This is very similar to TaiJi Walking and different than the standing side to side postures done in the Five Animal Qigong.
Five Animal Frolics
This set is still similar in goals to other different qigong systems albeit the methods may be different. The practice is meant to invigorate the body by stimulating circulation. Postures are meant to improve the quality of marrow, gain flexibility in the lumbar region, drop the diaphragm to increase deep breathing, aid in balance and strength, remove emotional stress and anxiety, and much more. Coordinating through each movement, there are subtle differences that open the body up in a ful range of motion and practice.
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