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TaiJi Sword

TaiJi Jian (TaiJi Sword) is the only slow, soft style weapon form within the Wudang San Feng Lineage. The sword has always held a special place in Wudang and in Daoism as a whole. The Wudang sword is legendary and perfectly represents the balance and precision of a Daoist scholar and martial artist. The double edged blade is a weapon meant for very delicate and deliberate movements. Techniques are meant to disable to opponent by striking weak points of the hand, neck, side, inner thigh, and under the arm. Although the movements are tempered in combative application the TaiJi Sword form (with 64 postures) is a moving meditation through all of the principles of a TaiJi practice. 
The sword is always looked at as an extension of the practitioners own body. Wudang sword is just so, with the added element of the sword be also a extension of one own intention. The movements are coordinated as one complete practice. Movements that yield and retreat, at precise moments, alternate into advancing and overcoming. Posture in TaiJi Sword is a dance between offensive and defensive postures. Often one moment will easily transition into the next.
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