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TaiJi 28

The TaiJi 28 form is our fundamental taiji practice within the Wudang San Feng Lineage. It is this form that introduces novice martial artists to the key aspects of TaiJi training and internal cultivation. TaiJi 28, named 28 because of the 28 postures within the form, is a modern form that is a sort of simplified pattern of the traditional TaiJi 108. This form encompasses all of the main characteristics of taiji from the 8 Gates, the 5 Steps, and the 4 Refinements.
TaiJi 28
TaiJi 28 is a great form to learn during your stay with us at WDTKA. Get started with the fundamentals and learn this ancient art.
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The four refinements of TaiJi practice are essential to improving your internal awareness. Only through diligent focus and committed training can one lay down the right foundation to grow their practice from. During all TaiJi practice we should look at our practice in different phases. TaiJi practice can be done for emotional health, body suppleness,mental acuity, and even for combative application. However, underlying all TaiJi practice is intention. With this intention, we must first train our own posture and make corrections where necessary. Keeping this in mind, our focus in our basic posture, for standing, sitting, and moving practice, is done by following these general rules:
The head is lifted as if suspended from a rope and the neck is relaxed.
The chest is empty and the upper back is full while breathing deep to the dantian.
The shoulders and elbows are sinking in front of the body to keep the movements rooted.
Hips drawn in and relaxed with the weight dropping through the heels of the feet.
While maintaining these parts throughout TaiJi practice, the goal is to develop a sensitivity to any imbalance and slowly correct it. TaiJi practice is meant to strengthen what is weak and soften that which is stiff. Over time, the practice builds up better habits and returns to body and mind to a stable middle ground. It is here where the fundamentals of our internal alchemy are brought to fruition.
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