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Tai He Quan is best translated as the Great Harmony. This form is from Wudang Mountain, which is also known as Tai He Shan. The Tai He Fist form is a pattern that has stylized patterns of TaiJi and TaiYi. The form itself is relatively short. However, the movements and shapes within the form are somewhat advanced due to their elaborate representation. TaiHe Quan combines principles of the Eight Gates, Five Directions, Fa Jin and  Ba Gua to create a very unique training pattern. TaiHe is the harmony between all of these practices and principles. If TaiJi is considered as the Yin and Yang, TaiYi would be considered the small circles in the extremes of each side, and TaiHe would be the dividing line (the "S") between the two or even the central point of the TaiJi Tu itself.
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  • Wudang Wushu