TaiJi 108

TaiJi 108 is one of our main traditional forms. It is also the longest form to learn at the academy. There are one hundred and eight postures in this forms, however, even more so because many of them repeat a number of times. This is one form that may take longer to learn than the one month that we typically recommend to new students. Although the tradition of learning such a complex and long pattern is a great way to improve upon the core qualities of a comprehensive TaiJi practice.
By learning TaiJi 108 and strengthening the roots of your TaiJi practice and internal cultivation, students are able to delve into the full traditional experience. TaiJi has always been a way not only to improve and maintain a higher quality of life but also as a way to cultivate emotional stability and develop mental acuity. Simply by learning the 108 pattern we are directing our attention to memory and concentration. This builds awareness and allows one to focus while removing distractions. The benefit of this is that TaiJi practice can peel off the layers of emotional imbalance and allow us to see such problems through a different perspective. Taking the time to breathe, TaiJi becomes a moving meditation. All of these reasons and more make TaiJi 108 a significant part of our practice and experience with traditional martial arts.