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At the Wudangshan Daoist Traditional Kungfu Academy, there is always something going on. Our day by day practice immerses each student into a vigorous and complete training regime that greatly benefits the body, mind, and spirit.
First, we begin by simultaneously softening and hardening the body. This is done by improving flexibility while practicing dynamic stretches and stances. This balance comes out through each movement as we hone the students capability, coordination, strength, and endurance.
Second, the training becomes a mental exercise. We train and push each student to challenge themselves and break through barriers, gaining newfound energy and levels of focus. One of the reasons training at WDTKA is special is the opportunity to immerse oneself into the art. Diligence over time is the best way to train the "monkey mind." 
Lastly comes the training of the spirit. Going through such an intense training period brings many different paths for this stage. The community in Wudang all the way from Master Yuan, to the coaches, to the students themselves, is very welcoming. In just a short time the students identify as part of our ever growing family in Wudang. The comfortable environment gives the students time to focus on their internal cultivation just by being detached from the modern society. In these moments, we host meditation courses in order to detox the mind and body, further training oneself to be unburdened by the weight of today's world, and opening oneself up to cultivating a healthy heart externally and internally.
News of the school is broadcast on our social media pages. Both Facebook and Instagram offer glimpses into the training and events happening in and around WDTKA. 
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  • Wudang Wushu
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