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Zhang Wen Gao

Health Class Instructor
Zhang Wen Gao has been a student of Master Yuan since his first arrival to Wudang in 2003. At just eleven years old, he began the rigorous training, excelling in the system and challenging himself to continue and keep improving. In 2010, Master Yuan gave Gao his first students. Since then, he has been guiding others in their practice of Wudang Martial Arts.
Zhang Wen Gao comes from humble beginnings. Growing up, he was an unruly child in his family and could not find anything that could hold his interest. His family came across Master Yuan's early website showcasing Wudang and the discipline of learning as a traditional student. This sparked an interest in Gao and his family traveled to Wudang to meet Master Yuan. Shortly after arriving, Gao was enrolled as Master Yuan's student and later he would grow into becoming a disciple of the Zhang San Feng Lineage.
Years passed. As time moved, Gao became proficient in the Wudang system. The day to day life was difficult but he endured. With time and practice, he found certain styles that he enjoyed very much. The intricacies of Straight Sword and Tiger Fist became his special styles. After 7 years of hard training, Master Yuan allowed Gao to start teaching students of his own at the academy. In these moments, Zhang Wen Gao started to understand and appreciate the years of training that he had behind him. 
In Daoism and Chinese culture, there are many proverbs about "Eating Bitter." It is said that without undergoing hardship (or 'eating bitter'), one cannot truly experience the benefits or clarity of life. These tribulations are necessary. These experiences tempered Gao's resolve and focused him upon making himself into a better person. This skill, in turn, has made Gao into an exceptional instructor, allowing him to guide his students through the training, however difficult, with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to meet your goals whether through martial arts or throughout your life.
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