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Liu Wen

​Health Class Instructor
Liu Wen is one of the head instructors currently teaching Health class students, both Chinese and international, at WDTKA. He has been studying and practicing martial arts since he was sixteen years old and first arrived in Wudang twelve years ago. Liu Wen is a diligent student and teacher, working hard to improve himself as well as guide others through not only the complexities of martial arts training but also through life's natural journey.
Liu Wen's story starts a little later than most of the students. At sixteen years old, Liu Wen was a shy, quiet adolescent. His family wanted him to have a better chance as he grew up and try different things to build his self-confidence and give him life experience. His uncle knew Master Yuan and heard about him beginning to take traditional students in Wudang. The legend and grandeur of learning from a martial arts master was enough to convince Liu Wen and his family to have him travel to Wudang and train there for one year. 
The first year in Wudang was a huge test for Liu Wen. He was on his own in a new place, testing his abilities and working well outside of his comfort zone. As he progressed through the Wudang system, he gradually became more confident. After the year had finished, he knew he would stay. This was no longer just an experience. Becoming a Wudang Martial Arts Master was becoming his aspiration. To this end, Liu Wen started to show promise after just three years of training. Then came his next test as Master Yuan gave him a traditional class of students of his own to teach.  He spent the next year guiding these new students through the training as he had done when he first came to WDTKA. He had to push himself to maintain his own training during this time. He also bore the responsibility of the whole class, in and outside of class. 
In 2012, Liu Wen became a 16th Generation disciple of the San Feng Lineage along with his kungfu brothers. This moment solidified his goal to help spread these teachings to others. By following his own path that brought him to Wudang, he has been able to improve his body and mind, overcoming his own shortcomings as a young adult. His hope is to pass on these teachings along with the concept of following nature. Life changes just has the seasons do. We should find the useful things in our lives and use them when necessary to better ourselves. Martial Arts, Traditional Music, Chinese Medicine, and Meditation are some of those very tools that are extremely beneficial to us as students and as people. Finding the right moment to use each to build yourself into a better, stronger, more stable, and healthy version of yourself is part of the training. This is just one part that Liu Wen imparts upon his students as he guides them through training. 
With over 12 years of training, with just under a decade of that time spent teaching, Liu Wen has a well of experience to share and build from. All of his students, whether new to the Wudang system or advanced in their own practice, can learn something special from Liu Wen.
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