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Huang Jian Jie

Health Class Instructor
From a very young age, Huang Jian Jie dreamed of becoming a martial arts master. He attended school but always imagined his life as a student of the martial arts he saw in movies. When his parents came to him with the idea of sending him to a martial arts school at 16 years old, he was fully excited and prepared to take his chance and make the most of the opportunity.
In 2011, Huang Jian Jie took the trip with his family to visit Wudang. They visited many schools over the next few days and watched the training and explored the different locations. They were ending their trip and soon to return home when they visited one last school. This one was at the base of the mountains next to YuXu temple. When they arrived, the students were in the middle of basic training. The energy from the class and the intensity of the coaches and students alike sparked Huang Jian Jie's interest. After meeting with Master Yuan, they came to the agreement that the Wudang Daoist Traditional Kungfu Academy was where he would call home as he committed himself to learning martial arts.
The next years were difficult. Training pushed Huang Jian Jie to his limits and past them. After one year of vigorous daily training, he was improving quickly. Although his resolve was to be tested in 2012 when he broke his ankle during training. It was a quick change from constant training to being completely on bed rest. He was unable to do simple practice as everything demanded that he be on two feet which was too painful during his recovery. His battle to become a martial artist turned towards his mind as he  fought with the idea of returning home. It took long painful months before he began to train with the class again at full strength. Even then, it took a full year before he could keep up completely and practice the whole Wudang system. Having this experience brought Huang Jian Jie to the realization that he wasn't just practicing martial arts because of the style of it like he dreamed of when he was a child. He was growing to see that the training was something that could help him improve, maintain, and even rehabilitate his health. To solidify his renewed commitment, Huang Jian Jie became a disciple under Master Yuan as a 16th generation disciple in 2013. After another year, he had begun teaching the kids classes. In recent years, he has been teaching the health class and helping to spread these concepts to all who come and learn at WDTKA.
As Huang Jian Jie has grown as a martial artist and a person, he has seen the change in himself, his classmates, and fellow students that have come to Wudang to train. He has had the great opportunity to learn from many different cultures and people as a Foreigners Health Class coach. His dream now is to continue learning and helping to spread this Wudang system of internal and external martial arts.
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