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Eight Immortal - Lu Dong Bin

The Taiji System is composed of 3 parts: Wuji, Taiji, and Liangyi. Each of these three parts contains its own practices, purposes, and methods of training. Although the Taiji System is separated into three parts, they are all integrated and complementary to one another.


Wushu, or kungfu, in Wudang is the method by which we teach our students  the means to live a balanced existence physically, mentally, and spiritually. Wushu is the foundation upon which our longevity is built. This is the great treasure of Wudang Kungfu. 


Qigong is a practice that incorporates breathing techniques and specific movements and postures to help adjust balance in a practitioner’s body and mind, heighten feeling, internal awareness, and bodily communication, and to promote an overall more balanced and healthy existence.

Relaxed, natural movement, a soft external and strong internal, moving like clouds and flowing water, continuous and unimpeded action and many other techniques are Wudang’s great attributes that distinguish it from other wushu.
Master Yuan
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